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Sometimes home renovations can become a complicated endeavour, with a multitude a choices and deadlines comes a certain amount of stress. Mistakes can become costly, which ultimately affects the outcome of any home renovation. Careful planning is a must to ensure a successful and satisfying renovation process.A certain level of certainty will add that personal touch and allow the home owner to be proud and content in the decision to renovate their home. We have compiled a checklist of some of the things you need to keep in mind when renovating your home.


Home Renovation Checklist


  • Always have a set plan and goals for the duration of the renovation. It’s not always possible but try and stick to your plan and achieve your renovation goals to avoid the project taking any longer then it should.
  • Know your budget as small changes can add up very quickly.
  • Create a theme for that personal touch and self-satisfaction. After all, you will be spending more time in your home than anyone else.
  • Try and ascertain what you can do yourself and what the contractor needs to do. This will help keep your costs down but also allow you to create the home that you have in your mind.
  • A detailed timeline of the entire process will help with the allocation of manpower, machine power and funds for your home renovation.
  • Research the available building materials, fixtures and fittings. These days there are many composites that mimic more expensive materials, saving you money. Many are often indistinguishable from the real deal.
  • Select a colour scheme to set the mood of interior and exterior home renovations.
  • Try your best to estimate the quantity of materials needed for each stage of the renovation. The more accurate you are the more money you save. Keep in mind though, that you would rather have a bit more then you need for any unforeseen adjustments.
  • Prioritize materials needed. The entire home renovation will run a lot smoother if you can get materials in only when you need them. This will reduce breakages, wastage and storage hassles.
  • Keep an eye on procedings to ensure the agreed upon standard is met.



At the end of the day, a well thought out plan is essential for any home renovation.