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Are you looking to conserve, save and renew energy? Do you suffer the effects of all four seasons in a year? Heat pumps are one of the greatest man-made inventions, as they have the ability to move thermal energy from one environment to another in both directions! This useful device has an extremely versatile system where it can cool the temperature inside the house or office in the hot summer months and act as an indoor heater, providing warmer air inside the house during the chilly winter months.

The main use of a heat pump is for ventilation and temperature control. However, heat pumps have many different functions. Some of these include the refrigeration or heating of food, heating water to boiling point and controlling the output of water in a household, and controlling the heat in swimming pools.


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There are many types of geothermal heat pumps, such as air-source and ground-source:

Air-source heat pumps are generally the most common type of heat pump as they are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. This type of heat pump extracts the heat from the air and heat the air further using electricity. This hot air is then transferred to a radiator, under-floor heating or used to heat water.

Ground-source heat pumps draw heat from the ground which and then uses a pump to raise the temperature further, this heat is then used for heating purposes. Although the pump uses electricity (similar to the air-source heat pump), it requires less energy to run than it produces, thus making it an effective alternate source of energy supply. Ground-source heat pumps consist of a network of pipes buried under the ground (known as a ground loop) and a heat pump which remains at ground level. Sufficient garden space is therefore required for the ground loop to be installed. As there are different sizes available, so the cost varies accordingly. 


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Advantages to installing and utilizing a geothermal heat pump system.

  • Requires very little maintenance
  • Very long life span (run for decades)
  • Systems create very little noise
  • Safely installed inside the house

Section 12L of the Income Tax Act (ITA) provides for a tax allowance for energy efficiency savings. It was originally inserted in 2009 and substituted in 2012, but remained ineffective until a notice bringing it into effect was published and the accompanying regulations issued, both which have now been done. So what are you waiting for? Go green and join the energy saving revolution by getting your heat pump today!