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Drywall is most commonly used within the interior of buildings, either homes or commercial spaces. These drywalls are utilized as partitions to divide spaces or rooms into different areas. Drywall, also known as plasterboard, sheetrock or gypsum board, has many advantages over plaster with the main reason being the ease of installation.

When used to create walls, drywall panels are hung from wall studs with screws. They are then taped and plastered over with joint compound where the panels meet. There are a variety of different textures that can be applied to the drywall to give it an interesting look, such as smooth and rough finishes.


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Attaching items to dry walls can cause quite a headache to most home owners if not done correctly. Lighter objects, such as paintings and mirrors, are a slightly simpler to attach by means of double sided mirror tape or Velcro. However, when it comes to heavier items such as shelving, tumble dryers, washing machines and televisions it tends to be a bit more difficult. Always remember, it is vital to know what you are doing and not use guesswork when mounting onto a drywall. So be careful!!


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Repairing and patching holes in drywall in four easy steps:

  1. Cover the hole with fiberglass mesh tape
  2. Coat the area with joint compound and allow to dry completely
  3. Sand the patched hole so that it is flush with the wall surface and lightly wipe the sanded dust from the surface
  4. Paint the patched up hole. First, apply an even coat of primer and allowing to dry, and then following with a smooth coat of interior wall paint.


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Dry walling is essentially gypsum boards or plasterboards attached onto metal support frames. They are lightweight and relatively easy to put up. However, it is best to leave it to the professionals. Simply complete the quote form at the top of the page with your requirements and you will get up to four no obligation quotes from our reputable drywall specialists.