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Do you want to make a dramatic change to your home without having to make structural changes to the actual building? By taking your ceiling from the plain and ordinary and transforming it by adding a suspended ceiling, tray ceiling or coffered ceiling you can do just that. For help with design and installation as well as repairs or replacement of your ceiling, we will put you in touch with professionals to do the job. Simply fill in the quote form on the left with your requirements and you will get up to four quotes from reputable service providers in your area.



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There is a great variety and types of ceilings to choose from and by keeping your imagination active the design possibilities are endless. Below are a few types of ceilings, from the most basic to the more decorative:

Drywall ceiling: Drywall ceilings are the most common style seen in most homes. They have an uncluttered, flat surface.

Suspended ceiling: Suspended ceilings, also referred to as drop ceilings, hangs below an existing ceiling. It is made up of a metal grid with lightweight acoustic panels to create this second ceiling. This is a great way to hide unsightly wiring, plumbing or mechanical fixtures.

Tray ceiling: These ceilings are flat with a rectangular piece that is inverted. This space can then be used for lighting or painted a different colour, with giving a contrasting effect which adds to the architectural interest and visual design of the room. These types of ceilings are typically installed in the kitchen, dining room and entertaining areas of the home. This design of ceiling has the ability to make a small room seem larger and more spacious.

Beam ceiling: Beam ceilings are usually made of wood (other substances can be used) and are laid across conventional ceilings. These are more for decorative than structural purposes and adds depth, colour and visual interest to the room.

Coffered Ceiling: A coffered ceiling is created by using a series of interconnected vertical and horizontal lines across the ceiling, creating a raised checkerboard effect.

Cathedral ceiling: Also referred to as a vaulted ceiling, these ceilings add space to the room therefore being functional while giving the room a luxurious feel. These types of ceilings are typically seen in family rooms, dining rooms and the master bedroom.



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Whether you are building your dream home or renovating the office and are needing contractors to assist with the ceiling, contact us for professional assistance that you deserve. Simply complete the quote form on the left with your requirements and contact details and you will receive up to four no obligation quotes from reputable companies in your area.