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Building a boundary wall comes with its own set of challenges. Keep the below points in mind when deciding on the boundary wall for your property.


  • Municipal approval is required when building any permanent structure, including boundary walls.


  • Establish the exact location where the boundary wall will be built. You will need to know where the building boundary line is as no walls or foundations may be built beyond this line.


  • Let your neighbours know about your proposed boundary wall plan. The last thing you want is to start building and find out that your neighbour is against your design. Often the cost of a boundary wall can be shared between neighbours as well.


Boundary Wall Building


  • Keep in mind that a shared boundary wall, with your neighbour, requires permission should you want to rebuild the wall. Never start that kind of renovation without approved plans and permission.


  • The slope of the ground will determine water flow, so, ensure you have suitable drainage in the event of considerable rainfall.


  • Soil type is something that can affect the lifespan of your boundary wall. Check with the building contractor that efficient foundations are in place and try getting some kind of guarantee for the work done.


  • Tree roots can play havoc on your boundary wall. Where possible, make sure that any trees in the area be removed. Some root systems grow differently to others; roots that grow directly down should not cause nearly as much trouble as a more adventurous root system.


  • Is the boundary wall also going to be a retaining wall? The design and strength of the wall will be affected.


  • The aesthetic appeal of the boundary wall will add value to the property, always keep in mind the affect the wall will have on any views.


A boundary wall adds privacy, safety as well as security. Plan ahead to ensure your boundary wall meets all your present and future requirements.


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