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Air Conditioning South Africa - Get air conditioning quotes from companies in your area


At Quotes for Africa we know air conditioning is a desirable product in our South African climate. Stay cool in the hot summer months and heat up in the colder winter months. Whether it is home air conditioning, office air conditioning, shop air conditioning, industrial air conditioning, split unit air conditioning, ducted air conditioning, central air conditioning or cassette air conditioning we can get you the assistance you require.


With a multitude of air conditioning products and air conditioning brands available, it can be difficult to get an idea of what air conditioning unit or make would best suite your air conditioning needs. This is why we have our air conditioning service available for you to get in touch with the air conditioning experts.


Selecting the air conditioner that best suits your needs depends on the specifics of your air conditioner requirements and air conditioner preferences. The size of the room or area you are trying to cool down or possibly warm up will depict the size of air conditioner you require. If the area is large you will require a larger air conditioner that sometimes requires specialized air conditioner installation and air conditioner servicing. If you are looking for an air conditioner unit that suits your current decor then there are specific brands that you would want to consider as many have their own specific styling.


Installation of an air conditioner unit is also something to take into consideration. Will you go for a wall mounted air conditioner; window mounted air conditioner, cassette air conditioner, ducted air conditioner or one of the many installation choices you have to choose from.

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Air Conditioning Companies

There are so many air conditioning companies out there that it can be costly and time consuming to find an air conditioning company in your area who can help with your specific air conditioning requirements. We have made finding air conditioning companies extremely easy. We have a directory of air conditioning companies in South Africa and our air conditioning companies are now your air conditioning companies. By simply sending us your request we will get air conditioning companies to contact you. It's as easy as that and it will only take you one minute to find the air conditioning company that will best suite your air conditioning needs.


Air Conditioning Installation

Any air conditioning installation is best left to the professionals. With our multitude of air conditioning companies and contacts, you won't have an air conditioning requirement that our aircon technicians will not be able to accommodate. There are various air conditioning systems that all require their own installation procedures. Quotes for Africa will assist you in finding the company best suited for your air conditioning installation.


Air Conditioning Systems

There are many different air conditioning systems which can be applied in order to achieve a solution with regards to your air conditioning system requirements. The size of the area needing to be cooled or heated will depict the air conditioning system installed. The structure and its architecture will allow for certain air conditioning systems and their particular installation procedures.


Air Conditioning Units

The size of an air conditioning unit is measured in British Thermal Unit (BTU). The size of the area needing air conditioning will depict the size of air conditioning unit needed.

Commercial Air Conditioning South Africa


Home Air Conditioning

At home, air conditioning can make life a breeze. On those hot days you can keep cool and during those colder winter days you can heat up. Your home air conditioning system will provide the relief you need. Home air conditioning has become very popular as air conditioning systems become more affordable and energy efficient. Eco friendly air conditioning units are becoming a trend as they don't put a huge dent in your pocket and are very effective.


Office Air Conditioning

The working environment is a place of productivity and an office needs to provide a comfortable atmosphere. Office air conditioning can create that environment and ensure a pleasant place of work. Once again the size of the room or office will depict the size of the office air conditioning unit you require.


Industrial Air Conditioning

Larger requirements with regards to air conditioning need more specialized solutions. Industrial air conditioning is often needed in factories and larger buildings. It is best to discuss your industrial air conditioning needs with the professionals and possibly get a few suggestions. Whatever your air conditioning requirements, Quotes for Africa will put you in touch with the right person.



Shop Air Conditioning

A shop can greatly benefit from air conditioning as customers will be comfortable as they go about their purchases. As with any working environment it is important that employees are also comfortable to ensure good work standards and performance. Shop air conditioning is a must in any professional business.


Split Unit Air Conditioning

Popular in homes and hotels, the split unit air conditioning system is perfectly suited for its job. The evaporative unit is on the interior and the condensing unit on the exterior. These split unit air conditioners come in all shapes and sizes to suite any situation or decor.


Ducted Air Conditioning

When needing to deliver conditioned air to a large area or multiple areas from one location, then ducted air conditioning is the solution for you. Commonly found in gyms and shopping centers. Ducted air conditioning can be adapted to deliver air at multiple locations with the use of ducts. Ducts are installed and air travels to the desired location keeping an entire building air conditioned.


Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning is very much the same as ducted air conditioning in that ducts are used to distribute clean air from a central location. Central air conditioning offers a very quiet option as the noise is kept outside, normally located on the roof or ground of a building.  


Cassette Air Conditioning

Ceiling mounted cassette air conditioners are more often used in commercial situations. These days they are also found in homes and offer silent air conditioning. The air conditioning unit is mounted away from the ceiling unit and can be directed to any area within the building.

Air conditioning refers to the cooling or heating of an environment to create a desirable atmospheric temperature or humidity.

Air conditioning a specific size room requires the correct size aircon unit. A larger air conditioner doesn't work better in a smaller room as this larger aircon is designed to perform at an optimum room size. So when selecting the air conditioning that suites your requirements you need to know the area you wish to cool or heat.

The running time of your air conditioning unit plays an important role in lowering humidity and creating an environment in which you feel more comfortable. Switching your air conditioning unit on and off is not an efficient way of cooling or heating an area, rather allow your aircon to work at its own pace and create a constant comfortable temperature.

Central air conditioning systems are more complex and should be maintained and installed by an air conditioning contractors that know what they are doing.
The term air conditioning refers to any type of cooling or heating, ventilation of air or the cleaning of the atmosphere. Air conditioning is often referred to as AC or air con and is a system designed specifically to alter air temperature and the humidity of an area. In winter, or colder months, air conditioning is also used for heating. Air conditioners make use of a refrigeration cycle and sometimes evaporation.

Whatever your air conditioning requirements, Quotes for Africa will put you in touch with the right person. Complete the quote form on the left hand side of the page and get up to 4 no obligation quotes from reputable air conditioning specialists in your area.