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We find people looking for your services in your area and send them directly to you, no cold calling. Our customers are expecting you to contact them regarding their requirements.

Generating leads and building a client base for your business can be difficult and costly. We all want to find people looking for our services, but how? We have the solution!

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Private sector business leads - leads for your business

The private sector business leads we get are very targeted as they are people in your area already in the market for your specific services and will be expecting to be contacted, no cold calling! People approach us with their specific requirements which we then email to you as they come in. The process happens very quickly and you can be speaking to the customer within a minute or two from when they put in the request. Leads are emailed in the below format:






See how the provinces are split into geographical zones below:



South Africa provinces   Gauteng zones
 Mpumalanga zones    Limpopo zones
 Free State zones   North West zones
 Northern Cape zones   Kwa-Zulu Natal zones
Western Cape zones   Eastern Cape zones



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