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Asphalt and Tar Surfacing South Africa - Get asphalt and tar quotes from companies in your area


Asphalt or bitumen is used in the construction of roads, driveways, and parking lots.

Asphalt and tar surfaces are of high importance when it means to add value and charm to residential and commercial spaces. We can cater for any need, residential and commercial, whether it be for the fresh construction or maintenance of parking areas, shopping malls, office buildings, tennis courts, crack seals and more.

Asphalt technologies have come a long way in creating quality products. This results in better road works, sidewalk and other road maintenance services.

Asphalt is a core ingredient in the construction of tarred roads. Asphalt has been used extensively for paving and road construction due to its excellent waterproofing, flexibility, and adhesive properties to bind and hold aggregates in the road surface and withstand punishing weather and extensive traffic.

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Road Construction

The construction of roads, driveways or pavements begins with considering the selection of asphalt mixes that will best do the job. Considerations like:

Resistance to fatigue & permanent deformation

Asphalt mixes that should not crack with repeated loads for years. The feature of resistance to repeated loading is a major characteristic factor to consider when it is needed to design mechanistic pavements.

In terms of resistance to permanent deformation, the mixes are prepared with the concern to not distort under traffic. The deformation is generally caused in hot climates and to control deformation, the selection of quality aggregates is considered, right proportions of voids and binders with the appropriate gradation process.


Skid resistance

Skid resistance is very important to consider in avoiding accidents or any other difficulties. Thus, the mixes are prepared by taking into account skid resistant properties of aggregates, binder or any other materials to permit normal braking and turning to surface wearing courses.



In order to maintain the durability of constructions for a lengthy period of time, bitumen is always used with the asphalt mix. It is the bitumen that helps with making bonds stronger and ensures film thickness around the aggregate materials.


Ingredients selection

High quality asphalt mixes are composed of complex hydrocarbon molecules. Asphalt cement is an essential ingredient of the mix and is unaffected by any kind of acids or alkalis. Furthermore, the ingredients are thermoplastic as the mix softens when heated and hardens when it is cooled. It is this unique combination that makes asphalt mixes a major paving material.

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Asphalt Parking Areas

Parking areas, of commercial property in particular, endure the most abuse of all areas within the property. Not only does it encounter the most traffic on a daily basis, but it is also subject to extreme weather conditions if not under cover. Asphalt is considered to be the best material for parking lots for several reasons. The main factors being that the tarred surface is durable and requires minimum maintenance, especially if a seal coat layer is applied, as it increases its useful life immensely.
Having your asphalt parking area constructed is a once off investment; however it will require maintenance in the future. Protecting your asphalt investment from deterioration is the key to keeping an attractive looking parking lot or driveway. Therefore, seal coating new asphalt within one year of installation is the best and most cost efficient way to avoid expensive repairs in the future.

Seal coating is a vital part of protecting your tarmac from corrosion and helps lock in the binder and prevents cracks from occurring. Essentially, seal coating is an application of a protective top coat of material over an existing asphalt roadway, driveway or parking area.

Benefits of seal coating include:


  • Resistance to damage caused from petrol and oil spills, water seepage, vehicle traffic, tree roots, sand and salt and therefore prevents corrosion and wear and tear of the tarmac.
  • Reduces chances of cracks appearing.
  • Reduces the need for asphalt renovation and excessive maintenance and extends life time of the area.
  • Increases the attractive appearance of the asphalt surface as well as keeping the nice, clean look of the parking lot for longer.
  • Helps with better visibility of the marking lines on the property, which is quintessential for a parking lot.
  • Lastly, seal coat gives a dark and shiny appearance to the surface area and one can see signs of damage when its colour starts fading.


Asphalt Driveways

Are you considering resurfacing the driveway of your home or office? If so, tar (also commonly known as asphalt) has many benefits and advantages over alternative methods and materials. Such benefits include:

Cost effective: Asphalt is one of the most cost effective materials on the market and most commercial and residential driveways are surfaced in this manner.


Speed off construction and usability: Depending on the size and length of the driveway, the project can be completed relatively and quickly compared to other materials and the driveway will be ready to use within a couple of days once finished.


Durability: Asphalt is fairly flexible and is therefore less likely to crack compared to alternative materials such as concrete.

Lower maintenance costs:  Cracks that appear in the tarred surface can be repaired easily and inexpensively.

For the expertise required in building a durable and effective asphalt road anywhere in South Africa, we are here to provide you the quality and service you deserve. When you need an asphalt company to pave your way forward, let us know your requirements and we will get you up to four no obligation quotes from reputable companies in your area.